Education & Social Welfare

Bunts Sangha established in 1927 is a socio-cultural organization of Bunts community of Mumbai. It endeavors to promote socio-economical, educational and cultural aspects of its members. A community dedicated to the welfare of not solely Bunts however conjointly of the society at massive. Bunts Sangha Group is a pioneer in the field of education and its foray extends back to over five decades.

Bunts Sangha’s effort towards Education:

Bunts Sangha’s main aim is to get 100% literacy rate among Bunts. For this the community has established many schools and colleges. Every child must get an opportunity and hence Bunts Sangha works for the interest of these children. These educational services are availed by nearly 10,000 students. There are institutes established by Bunts Sangha which provides courses from nursery to management studies.

Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty Educational Institutions, Powai is a conspicuous name which says it all. This institute works for the interest of students and provides them all the high tech facilities for studies.

Bunts sangha’s Higher Educational Institution’s at Shashi Manmohan Shetty Complexhas launched colleges for almost every field of studies, from commerce to Information Technology, from Mass Media to BMS. Further there are also colleges for Hospitality Management with all the latest facilities. The institute also provides many Post Graduation courses. Moreover, for the welfare of the working children Bunts Sangha has established two night schools in Ghatkopar and Worli. 

There are also many other institutes eatablished by Bunts Sangha, they are, Anna leela College of Commerce, RPH, UKS, Shobha Jayaram shetty college for BMS, Arathi Shashikiran Shetty College for I T and Sudhakar Mallappa Shetty Sahana Group.

Every year 300 students get selected for one year scholarship plan. Nearly 600 students are given free education in primary school and 150 students in higher education. Every year nearly Rs. 1 crore gets donated for educating students in these institutes.

Further more, the committee aims to make their educational welfare services available to no less than 15000 – 20000 children every year. The core reason behind this effort of Bunts is to develop a tight bonding between the youth and community.

Bunts Sangha’s service towards women:

It is important to have a balanced society and no society can flourish if women lie backward. Similarly Bunts Sangha aptly realized the importance of the needs of women.

There are many welfare schemes for widows of our community. Depending upon the income of the households, monetary help is provided to such women. Also Bunts Sangha has launched many institutes under Bunts Sangha’s Mahila Vibhag for the upliftment of the women of the community.


Bunts Sangha’s Associations

Bunts Sangha has many associations. They mainly include Nayaya Mandali, Forum of Bunts Chartered Accountants, Bunts Medical Association, Bunts Advocates Forum, Bunts Chamber of Commerce and the most important and one of the biggest achievements of Bunts Sangha is the Matrubhumi Co-operative Credit Society Ltd which is soon going to be an urban co-operative bank.

Bunts Sangha’s Community Development Services

There are many different and miscellaneous services launched for the community members. There is a Health Care Center which treats people at a low cost. Also there is Ambulance services made available for the people. Further, there are also hostels established for both, boys and girls.

Bunts Sangha’s Publication

Bantarvani is a monthly magazine devoted towards the activities of Bunts. Bantarvani is for everyone who wants to know about Bunts, their regular activities, upcoming events, services, interviews, etc.


Bunts Sangha is a pursuit of quality and helpful services. Today they are in the process of establishing a socially desirable community. There are many other services like Hall facilities, monetary help for marriages, cultural activities for youth, etc. The support of our donors has enabled us to enhance our services.

Bunts Sangha is making every effort to foster the Bunts community!