Coming Of Age

This ceremony gives a Bunt boy and girl a new existence in their community.

For boys this ceremony is celebrated by removing all his hair and making him a bald, called as chavala (or chowla). Either performed at home or in a temple, this ceremony is generally performed only for the first son. On an auspicious day, the barber after symbolically obtaining permission from the elders of the family removes hair of the child which follows by giving a bath to the child. He is then brought inside the house. The goldsmith brings a pair of ear rings and pierce’s the ear lobes while the boy is sitting on his father’s lap. This is how Bunts celebrate coming of age of a boy.

However, for girls, the first hair cut and ear piercing events are not celebrated as grand as for the boys.

On the fifth day of the first menstruation, the passage of a girl to womanhood is celebrated, called as kara pattavune ritual in Bunts. Only women participate in this ceremony. The kelesi comes and does the manicure and pedicure for the new woman. A mane (stool) is placed close to the tulasi katte. A clean chembu filled with water is placed near the seat. A woman pours water on the head, shoulders, and the knees of the girl. After the bath, the girl gets dressed in zari saree and jewels. This is followed by the girl ceremonially cooking rice in a kara (rice pot). This is called kara pattavune. Then, the women give gifts to the girl and bless her. It is customary for the girl not to stay in the house where the ceremony was performed for the night.