One of the most beautiful and exiting phase in a women’s life is when her baby comes in her womb. This occasion is celebrated with great pride by the Bunts. They grandly welcome the new member of their family.

It all starts with…

the seemantha ritual. On an auspicious day of seventh month the expecting woman visits her mother’s home. Flower like Mallige (jasmine), sevanthige (marigold) and pingara (areca nut flower) are showered on the woman. Then she prays to the tulasi katte by holding veelya (betel leaves and areca nut) and a nanya (coin) in her hand. At the end of this ritual the expecting woman distributes the sweets which are decorated on the harivana to small children.

It is followed by…

the grand bayake. This grand baby shower is now celebrated by the husband’s family. This ceremony includes many rituals wherein the first is kori-budupuna (by setting chicken free). The pregnant woman stands next to tulasi katte facing east and her mother in law circles a small chicken over the woman’s head three times to ward-off dhristhi. The chocked is fed by the rice three times and is than kept at the husbands place.

The woman is then presented by a sari and jewelry by her mother in law. Then the woman performs the bayake balasune ritual. She is then offered by a glass with few drops of amritha (toddy) and grains of pori (puffed rice).

The next ritual of this ceremony consists of placing odd number of fruits and sweets in a white cloth and banana leaf and later distributes the sweets among the children.   

It all ends with…

The enne-padune custom. The expecting mother eats lunch. Her “made” banana leaf is refilled with fresh food and placed on a thadpe (a huge cooking vessel). It is carried outside the house where a kadu-koraga (tribal) lady would be waiting. The expecting mother gives the thadpe with food to the kadu-koraga lady. She puts enne (oil) on the head of the kadu-koraga lady.

The baby gets delivered at her mother place and then she returns to her husbands house with baby!!